Sangam was formed in 1983 by a small group of graduate students and faculty from India who used to have informal get together – potluck dinners, picnics at Lake Claire and performances at the Live Oak room. Sangam started with about 10-15 Indian students; and for the past decade the number of students from India and of Indian origin has increased dramatically and now number over 1000.
The Sangam events consistently highlighted the rich cultural diversity of India and its artistic heritage, each year the members organized Diwali and Holi celebrations, cricket matches, movie nights. At the start of each academic year, the group arranges for airport pick up and temporary housing for new students, and then begin the annual events with an India Independence Day ceremony at the Barbara Ying Center and followed by a Welcome Social.
The Sangam members are active in community service as well, on Oct 5th 2003, the students organized Gandhi Day of Service – the first one on campus – and we had a great turnout, over 80 students came to help with volunteer work, we painted the Red Cross Building and helped handicapped children with bowling at a sports day.
The cultural programs organized by Sangam were very popular with the student body at UCF; many non Indian students came to enjoy the dazzling dance performances, historical videos and delicious food. All these events represent Sangam’s goal to increase awareness and foster appreciation of Indian culture and history.

Sangam officers are always open to new ideas and welcome your suggestions, so feel free to contact any of our officers on how we can improve and better serve the members needs. We have started the year with some real interesting plans…so stay with us, the fun has just begun!!


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