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SANGAM, the Indian Students Association, has created this yahoo group for easier interaction among all graduate and undergraduate students (Prospective / Current) destined for / at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida.

Click to join ucfindianstudents

Click to join ucfindianstudents

For PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS, this group may serve for answering questions about joining UCF, like education, student life, accomodation, funding, courses, etc. So join, introduce yourselves and start posting in STANDARD English.

For CURRENT STUDENTS, this group may serve for sharing general information (Like Events, FOR SALE, apartment availability, jobs, vacancies, help, etc.). You are all requested to help the new students by answering their queries and volunteering for airport pickup, providing initial accommodation, etc.

Please keep your queries, posting and discussions polite as each mail is subjected to the approval of moderator. Let the mails be specific and useful for everyone.

SANGAM has several events (cultural/literature) planned for this year. Anyone who is interested to take part as a performer or a volunteer, please come forward and let us know with your talents.

The rules of using Sangam Yahoo Group:

  1. Treat this group as classified or announcement forum. You can post room  or roommate request, sale or free stuff request, Indian event announcements,
  2. Avoid replying to the group emails using reply button. Please include your email or phone in the post, So that interested person can contact you directly without replying to the group.
  3. Avoid chatting on this forum.
  4. Avoid sending job vacancy with only link in the email. Provide enough details.
  5. Avoid posting duplicate emails.

This is our community, let us serve best to each other.

Student Guide:

Please see following blog articles by former chair person of Sangam Board.

  1. Housing Guide for Students
  2. New Graduate Student Guide
Airport Pickup and Temp Accommodation for new graduate students:

At the start of each academic semester, Sangam with current students arranges airport pick up and temporary accommodation for new Indian students. Please join our Facebook Group and like our Facebook page to get the notifications on the process of airport pickup and temporary accommodation.  Fall semester notifications start in the month of July, whereas, Spring semester notifications start in the first week of December.

Tips and useful information for new graduate students:
  1. The immigration officer at the port of entry may want your address details in the US. Therefore, keep your Hotal or Temp accommodation or Permanent accommodation address ready on paper.
  2. Keep immunization form attested and ready. You can fax, email or submit in person at UCF health center.
  3. Never miss your International Orientation and be on-time in the US.
  4. Make sure you have a health insurance while travelling as well as after entering the US, either from school or purchase yourself which is approved by UCF health center. The cost of the health care is extremely high in the US (I am sure, you don’t wanna be scared), therefore, treat your dental, eye (buy extra contacts or glasses), ear and so on problems and other ailments in India.
  5. On your temp accomodation, you will be provided space in the living room with something to sleep like bedding or bed or sofas. Please don’t expect luxury treatment.
  6. Temp accommodation provided by Sangam is for a shorter period say 5-6 days, We expect you to find permanent accommodation sooner. You don’t have to pay for pickup and temp accommodation, this is the selfless service from one human to another and we expect same from you in future. As soon as you have your own apartment, keep them open for other new students. Keep a big heart and believe in good karmas.
  7. There will be no shuttle (to UCF) during no-classes days, therefore be prepared to walk to UCF for your orientation days.
  8. Most of temp accommodation residents are not immediate seniors, therefore please maintain at-most respect towards them.
  9. Keep sufficient money in paper (say $1000-$1500) with you so that you can pay rent or deposit, open bank accounts, buy groceries and you don’t have to wait for money transfer from India.
  10. Don’t expect to have immediate financial assistance from school, therefore, be prepared to fund yourself.
  11. We expect you to be present in Sangam Events which we organize for all Indians as well as be part of Sangam association. Being a part of organizations impart the quality of being a team player and team leader, which has a great advantage in US corporate.
  12. Never think of taking more than 3 courses in the first semester. Always ask seniors about the courses before enrolling in the first semester. Bring some pens from India (you don’t find reynolds, cello and jetter like good pens here cheap)
  13. Florida is a hot place, don’t bother stuffing baggage with warm cloths.
  14. Knights landing, University apartments (not associated with university anyway), Arbor apartment, Windmill apartments, Tivoli apartments, and Arden villas are communities in the order of preference to look for permanent accommodation.

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